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Unique Works
April 17 to May 9 2015

Text Room

Boletín de Prensa

At the unique piece room, Luis Fernando Pradilla wanted to pay tribute to his dear and recently deceased friend Rodrigo Castaño Valencia, with whom he released a collection of graphic works on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the HJCK station in 1990, which was then led by Álvaro Castaño Castillo, Rodrigo’s father. The artists chosen back then were already enjoyed recognition, and now 25 years later, the ones who have died (Manuel Hernandez, Carlos Rojas, Lorenzo Jaramillo, Gustavo Zalamea, Edgar Negret, Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar) and the ones who still live (Jim Amaral, Ola de Amaral, Álvaro Barrios, Becky Meyer, Maria Isabel Rueda, Umberto Giangrandi, Maripaz Jaramillo and David Manzur) are among the most important Colombian artists of the twentieth century.