1st Floor Gallery
May 14 to June 13 2015


Text room


Galería El Museo is presenting the work of Rodrigo Echeverri (Bogotá, 1975) in a solo exhibition for the first time. Esencial is a journey through the different stages of the artist’s work, where he returns to its key elements and sticks to the reasoning that shaped his creative intuition and plastic content according to his expressive will. Echeverri’s earlier work was based on a production of irregular shapes supported by geometry, which was directly associated with the Colombian socio-political context. However, for this exhibition, the artist is freed from anecdote and focuses on the definition of form. These new pieces generate lights and shadows that visually suggest three dimensions, using wooden plates and taking advantage of the direction of the streaks to organize form and create the visual illusion of volumes, which apparently alternate with or meet each other. They evoke minimalist implications in terms of their austerity and force, allowing the viewer to focus on their conceptual foundations and their physical structure, returning to the initial considerations with the possibility of launching new routes based on the essential.
Rodrigo graduated from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. His work has been exhibited in Mexico, the United States and Brazil. He has received several awards and distinctions at a national level, such as the cycle of young artists at the Alliance Française in 2007 and a mention at the University Art Salon of the Gilberto Alzáte Foundation.