Juan Francisco CASAS




Space Proyect
May 14 to June 13 2015


Text Room

Artist Juan Francisco Casas (Jaen-Spain, 1976) is presenting his project (A)utopic, which brings together almost 40 drawings made with a blue BIC pen. However, in this occasion, the drawings are almost all in small format. The title of the exhibition is born from the combination of the English words autopic, short for auto-picture, and utopic, which refers to the representation of an idealized world constructed as an alternative to the world that actually exists, understood here as the territory of the virtual and that of social networks that feature the auto-pictures, or selfies. By merging the two terms, Casas proposes a concept that unifies, on the one hand. the autobiographical component that runs throughout his entire creative production, and on the other, the form of capture known as the auto-picture or selfie, which refers to the oh-so-trendy pictures taken of oneself, alone or in the company of others, through mobile phones, tablets or webcams, and uploaded almost instantaneously to social networks. Casas’s work has a close relationship with photography as his starting point and as an essential tool in the creation of his works. For this exhibition, Casas implemented a different practice for the generation of images. Through his Facebook page, he asked for selfies taken in front of the mirror with the capturing device in sight: a camera, a mobile phone, an iPad, etc., so as to state that the author of the photograph was not the artist. The artist reflects on the underlying need at any point in time to represent oneself, to discover oneself in intimacy, and to leave a record.

Juan Francisco Casas holds a degree in Fine Arts from Universidad de Granada and won the National Best Transcript Award from the Ministry of Education and Science. He has had numerous solo exhibitions in Spain, France, Colombia and the United States, and his work was selected for the Prague Biennale in 2005.