“Cosas de muchachos” / (“Teenager’s Things”)


1st Floor Gallery
June 18 a August 6 2015

After her successful exhibition at the Museum of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá, Juventud sin Divino Tesoro [Youth without a Divine Treasure], which will be open until July 4, and continuing with her topics on youth, Vicky Neumann (Barranquilla, 1963) presents Cosas de Muchachos. About the work, the artist says: “By using destruction and reconstruction, as well as certain materials, I intend to subvert the aesthetic and moral values of a conformist society, and I leave them in the hands of a fearful youth that does not expect much from the society or its legacy.” Neumann’s artwork has an aesthetic and thematic coherence through the dynamism with which she incorporates brush strokes full of texture, body and color with printed images. The artist expands the limits of painting and appropriates space, creating an atmosphere that mobilizes the senses and generates a very emotive and impulsive pictorial experience. Neumann’s work reflects her close and passionate relationship with painting for more than 20 years, which has been characterized by the force of image, the rebelliousness of her pictures and their relationship with space.


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