«Fruto Prohibido» / («Forbidden Fruit»)


Project Space
June 18 to August 6, 2015


In his first exhibition in Colombia, the young and renowned Peruvian artist Jorge Cabieses (Peru-1971) presents his project for the gallery’s Projects Room, which is called Fruto Prohibido. Cabieses opts to play in shorthand with the images that he has intuitively selected from old magazines that used lithography as a printing technique. With geometric figures and lines, the artist hides certain parts of the images, suggesting the possibility of a double emancipation: that of the promise of what is hidden, and that of the reality of what it is hidden by. Cabieses decontextualizes the image, expropriating it of all the meaning or symbolic association that it may have, generating new readings and reclaiming color and shape through abstraction based on geometric synthesis.