«El silencio del color»


2nd Floor Gallery
April 14 – May 13, 2016

Why do I paint?
Since I ran out of words and am always perplexed at this life that amazes me, for me, painting is a way to live twice.

If words are pure existentialism, painting is urgency: the silent word. What there is to say has no name or image. This is what forces me; I mean, for me painting is the petrification of pure subjectivity, of what no longer is, of what was. Camus’s words when he said «to create it is to live twice” can be clearly understood here.

Each color is the evocation of a word, a moment, a memory, a desire, a piece of experience, forgetfulness. These images are fabrics that contain qualitative measures of time, as the Arawak, Wayuu or Kogui bags.

I started with the forced exercise of a painter facing the workshop with some elements such as color wheels and color tables (-the Color Mixing Guide-). In the uncertainty of the empty canvas, I set a limit as the rule of the game and had to reduce the complexity of my inner world, my silence, to the planes of color, where intuition decides the form of painting.

I decided, with the representation of the color wheel and color tables – used as reference by visual artists – to carry out a formal and academic work. Although they are geometric explorations based on a thorough investigation of the structures of color, their purpose is not to show such results, but they are rather the pretext to create a space for the emergence of gesture through the execution of these paintings.

A gesture that is made visible in the organic structure of thoughts and emotions that are always found close together within the body of the painting and sometimes concealed and hidden behind appearances.

In «El silencio del color», I seek to fervently break all the rules of these systems without being discovered. The game begins with the imposition upon myself of a system of orderly, structured, limited, repetitive and tedious work; just like the world in which we operate. It is precisely there, from this inflexibility and imposition to reach perfection, that the subject appears by taking the only thing that is available… something imperceptible at a distance.

This work hides the effort involved in its execution.

If we go back to my previous works, the need to repeat appears constantly. To highlight the gesture of effort in the result, in particular, and repeatedly, by setting rules upon myself for the greatest degree of economy in figures and narrative systems.

As in my first solo exhibition, «11 Jornales» (1997) presented at the Cultural Center of Spain, in Santiago de Chile, a gray area flooded by words appears again. As this chronic compulsion to write every event in my life in notebooks, diaries, calendars … Or whatever they are called.

Over the years these records of my life were being replaced by paintings in my studio. Color planes of each square, diamond or circle represent the words that speak about every moment lived.

Color is the qualitative representation of the experience of life. Tables or scales in color wheels become a chronological order, an order of time, a calendar. Specifically, it is my monologue to survive in life.

Doing this series of paintings looks like me, like some pieces joined together to form an idea of the universe whose veins are a line of silence.

Lina Sinisterra