«Filatelia y Numismática»


Project Space
May 19 – june 17, 2016

Carlos Salazar Arenas (Bogotá, 1973) takes images from the media, transforms them and gives them new meanings. Thanks to both digital media and physical distribution, Salazar has built over time a personal archive of images drawn from reality, marked by a few specific events that have affected the international and local scenes. In his most recent project entitled Filatelia y numismática, Salazar returns to a personal hobby that dates back to his childhood: collecting coins, bills and stamps.

In this exhibition, based on pencil drawings on paper and acrylic paintings on wood, the artist mixes images in real stamps and bills with images taken from the Internet that were never in these stamps and bills. The images he resorts to are very different; several of them allude to violence, while others simply belong to everyday digital information. It is an ironic game of overlapping elements in objects that were previously treasured as collector’s items and digital images taken
from the web that overwhelm us today.

Carlos Salazar Arenas studied painting, engraving and lithography at the School of Fine Arts of San Carlos, in Valencia, Spain. He holds an MA from Universidad Nacional de Colombia with a concentration in Painting. He earned his degree in 2000. He also earned an MA in Aesthetics and Art History from Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano. His work has been widely exhibited in galleries