Leonardo RAMOS




Project Space
July 28 – September 5, 2016

When art and science displace religion as a source of spiritual effort, the figures who profess this new spirit become avant-garde artists and scientists by transforming the world. In these spiritual movements towards science and the arts, we can establish the relationship between the One and the many. Within this approach, the unit is the center.

In Plato’s «The Banquet», Aristophanes said in his speech about Eros that man was double natured and round at first. Because of the original sin, man was cut in two by Zeus; however, the separate parts cannot live alone and seek their other half by any means. Eros is nostalgia and search for the lost unity to recover the original nature.

ALBEDO arises from this idea of balance by analyzing a concept related to the movement of the soul that represents the union. The platonic Eros is a mediator; his parents are Penia, scarcity and poverty, and Poros, the capacity to acquire and obtain resources. Eros is the synthesis of these two opposing stratagems: the ability to acquire what is missing, which manifests as desire for that lack which feels like desire for beauty and goodness. He is an intermediate being, a mediator.

Eros, love, has been universally linked to the heart, for the etymology of this organ is the augmentative of the Latin «core» meaning center. This augmentative of the center (of being) is also the expression of the will of the qualities that want to leave the body and realize themselves through the limbs while they expand by means the power of thought.

The numerical data obtained from a CAT scan of my heart in 2014 were introduced into medical software for an accurate three-dimensional reconstruction of the organ, differentiating each of its structures. Subsequently, these structures were separated and defined in a anatomically and orthographically correct manner by means of design software in order to print a copy of the dissected organ in wax by means of full-scale stereolithography with 99% accuracy, which was cast in .999 sterling silver.

Given that the human heart is the quintessential biological figure that has embodied the spirit of platonic Eros, the dissection of this complex structure is presented here as an anatomical study solidified into a precious material culturally associated with intuition and the moon. In ALBEDO, by adopting the main feature of the invoked mythological god, art becomes a mediator, serving as a connection between culture, science, religion and the human spirit, to give value to a wonderful structure and highlight it in its correct location within the status of the divine

Leonardo Ramos