Catalina ORTIZ


«Sueños Rotos / Broken Dreams»


1st Floor Gallery
September 15 to October 15, 2016

A couple of weeks ago, someone said something that had an impact on me and changed my perspective. “At some point in our lives, we all have to grieve the person who we wanted to be or who we dreamed of being in order to accept who we really are.”

Sueños Rotos [Broken Dreams] is a series of drawings that is just beginning, through which I intend to explore and analyze the subject of imagination and ideals. This is an intimate approach, which ultimately aims to expose unsolved mysteries in order to prompt ontological reflections. This has been the ongoing interest of my work as an artist.

To bring about this reflection, I present a drawing that replicates the page of a school exercise book. The yellow color is not by accident…I am from the generation of the «Carrusel» exercise books. In this replication, which in reality is a visual metaphor, there are very basic graphs and short notes. These mimic the simplified drawings of children, which given this new use, become symbols that, in turn, represent a dream, illusion, ideal, imagination or archetype in particular.

The paper ripped into pieces refers to the deconstruction of this ideal. The process of reconstruction is also symbolic, because the ripped parts are slowly put together in an attempt to assemble the original page…however, this original page is impossible to remake. The result is something else. The edges do not fit. There are pieces that are so small that they do not even stick, and the cut pieces do not match.

The presence of writing in the drawing is also intended for the purposes of reflection. Learning to write means learning to express our thoughts physically, and learning to use a medium that helps us to expand them. From these expanded thoughts comes the imagination. This consists of very complex cognitive processes, comprised of a set of phenomena, which include the different levels of being, culture, idiosyncrasy and history.
This necessarily suggests another mystery. How personal, unique or authentic are our dreams? Even if they are not one-hundred-percent personal and nontransferable, they are still extremely revealing and relevant. They provide important information about ourselves.

Dreams are a great sign; something that allows us to get to know our most profound being, so that we can then identify ourselves with it and build a new reality… Each broken dream is a plausible reality. Each page of a torn exercise book is a new sculptural and visual construction. The new perspective of reality emerges, as well as this new exercise book page transformed by deconstruction, generating a new identity in the medium and long term.

Catalina Ortiz


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