«Andar / Walking»


2nd Floor Gallery
September 15 to October 15, 2016

My work has been focused on the city and the territory, in a process that is in continuous movement, coming from painting and leading to experiment with different media. The camera allows me to capture repetitive thousands of details that I collect in order to form my own view on life in contemporary cities.

In a constant reflection on time and space, I walk as a kind of automatic writing, able to reveal unconscious areas of the geography that, later, I use to build and articulate to generate narrative structures with a humorous and creative experimentation on the medium. The ability to combine macro and micro perspectives to document the transformation of urban life Is what cam better describe my work; a work in which the photographer behind the camera is hardly visible.

From the start of my career, I have developed a discourse based on walking as an artistic practice with two objectives: movement between different points of the artwork, and the memory of personal history, evoked through the sensations awakened by the images encountered when walking.

Marc Augé used the term «non-place» to refer to refer to spaces of transience that do not have enough significance to be considered «places». Places are spaces that have some historical importance. A «non-place» is a street, a park, a path… a circumstantial space that is modified with the passing of people, but that does not generate appropriation nor identity. With this premise, in 2014, I made a trip around Madrid, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris. The exercise was to wander around the cities without having a fixed point of interest. I took photographs, letting myself be seduced by aspects such as shape, light and color; a photographic composition exercise.

The project was developed by the categorization of images, where the formal similarities are brought together in different collections, which in turn, form a great map. Shadows, color, time, vanishing lines, rivers and windows are some of the elements that I use to coordinate and form a new geography that reestablishes the limits between reality and representation; showing the increasingly intangible, virtual and surreal sensation of space, and creating unlikely dialogs.

The variety of images and the combination of techniques used in the artwork lead to the photography of the two-dimensional field, forming regular, ordered compositions and generating new spatial experiences for the viewer.


Juanita Carrasco Suescún


«Paris / Berlín»