Lenguajes en papel


February 4 – March 4, 2017



Daniel Acuña – Ricardo Barcellos – Álvaro Barrios – Camilo Bojacá – Otoniel Borda – Jorge Cabieses – Marcela Calderón – Manuel Calderón – Sebastían Camacho – Ivan Cardona – Juan Francisco Casas – Carla Chaim – Sandra Cinto – Cesar Del Valle – Rafael Díaz – Clemencia Echeverri – Rodrigo Echeverri – Sebastián Fonnegra – Nicolás Franco – Gonzalo Fuenmayor – Adrian Gaitán – Diana Gamboa – Jaime Gamboa – José García – Fernando García – Lisa Granada – Andrés Felipe Guerrero – Diego Hernández – Huanchaco – Carlos Jacanamijoy – Humberto Junca – Miler Lagos – Aurora Lario – Diana Londoño – Cynthia López – Jorge Magyaroff – Margaret Mariño – José Horacio Martínez – Andres Martínez – Diego Mendoza – Alberto Miani – Marco Mojica – Edwin Monsalve – Eduard Moreno – Snyder Moreno – Simón Ortega – Lorena Ortiz – Catalina Ortíz – Juan Osorno – Lucas Ospina – Camilo Parra – Andrés Pinilla – Mauro Piva – Mateo Pizarro – Jonathan Pulido – Leonardo Ramos – Santiago Rojas – Carlos Salazar Arenas – Alejandro Sánchez – Saul Serrano – Andrés Uribe – Bettina Vas Guimaraes – Gabriel Zea – Mateo Zuñiga

Galería El Museo begins its annual program with the opening of the eighth edition of Lenguajes en Papel [Languages on Paper]. The collective exhibition features the participation of more than 60 Colombian, Latin American and Spanish artists, whose work unveils the versatility of paper and the infinite possibilities derived from its use, not only as a medium or material, but also as an element of composition and discourse.

Although new technologies have made a wide repertoire of technical and material tools available to artists, paper’s role as a starting point for creation, open to the author’s inspiration, the spontaneity of the idea and the immediacy of the plastic execution, has allowed it to transcend its limits as a support to become the main character of the work of art and, therefore, a resource for expression within contemporary artistic practice.

Paper, in its various forms and combinations, offers the artist the freedom to experiment and discover new avenues of expression. This flat, flexible and complex surface, with its own simplicity reveals a language articulated from the fragility and lightness of its fibers to discover, through the vision of each author, a multiplicity of worlds.

With the aim of establishing a dialogue between visions and technical and conceptual approaches, artists from different generations and across different geographies have been invited to participate in this exhibition. With the introduction of works by established artists produced decades ago, such as drawings by Fernando Botero, Carlos Rojas, Oscar Muñoz, Lorenzo Jaramillo and Fernell Franco, we want to break with the contemporary identity of the exhibition to create a contrast between different languages.

All the pieces are the result of the creative process of each artist, and undoubtedly, express the potential of paper to recreate, with contemporary codes, unique and singular proposals, marked by the particular world of each author.


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