Space Project
May 20 – June 30, 2017

Luis Caballero (Bogota, 1943 – 1995) studied Fine Arts at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá and later at the La Grande Chaumière Academy of Painting in Paris, where he lived from 1963 until his death in 1995 in Bogotá. He developed his work during the sixties and early seventies based on his fascination with the painting of Willem de Kooning and Francis Bacon. It was thus that the body became the central theme of his entire work to which he was fully committed, taking it to almost religious levels.

This exhibition features over 80 studies that the artist kept for himself. These were tests for future works, which he repeated over and over again. It is by observing them that we must think about the moment when he executed each one. Some are related to very intimate moments, while others can be understood as academic exercises. Faces and bodies of young people in different postures, views of the body from specific angles, fragments of the body and gestures in which the artist focused his eyes to delve into detail. In short what Luis Caballero sought was to capture the essence of the model, to represent the expression of a body.

There are no sketches and no notes, much less «nervous drawings». These are finished studies, made with the model standing in front of the artist, that will give way to a subsequent work or a portrait. If we look at these drawings we will always find out how they appear in his paintings in greater format. Drawing has always been a joy for Luis Caballero and it is precisely for this reason that these studies are so valuable, because they bring us closer to the process of the artist who draws because he feels the need to do so.