Cynthia LOPEZ


“Eva”/ [Eve]


Space Project
July 6 – September 1, 2017

The relationship between Cynthia López (Cali, 1989) and her artistic practice positions her in a place parallel to ritual practice, that essential action that connects her with sacred experience. It is precisely for this reason that the artist’s work cannot be seen as disconnected from the context of her own existence and her thoughts in this regard. In that sense, this exhibition emerges as a visual response to the question of her female lineage, life transmitted from womb to womb, of blessings and inherited sorrows from that first conception of the original woman: Eve.

It is a search that arises from the desire to return the orders of love (laws or principles of systemic, archaic or unconscious consciousness governing every human system) to the community of a particular family soul, the family to which the artist belongs, by highlighting female ancestors. However, although the artist’s work gives a greater role to the story transmitted from the womb as what we call the female lineage, it does so from a perspective that integrates masculine energy as a source and partner in creation.

In Eva, space is approached so that past, present and future are intertwined to accommodate the concept of the exhibition. This, then, results in an individual coming before his ancestors and successors, asking for recognition and blessings to transform through his own actions everything that needs to be healed within the community.

Recognizing that one is an active part of a present connected an infinite chain, which touches past and future, just as life itself, where the artist is just but a fleeting link, is undeniable. This awareness awakens in turn the desire to take responsibility for one’s own existence in relation to one’s community to achieve wellbeing and grow together.

The mural is a response to a present that is created in the course of the exhibition and wonders, has it happened?, bringing to light one of the key questions of contemporary art.