«Cocktail Clothes»


2nd Floor Gallery
July 6 – September 1, 2017

The work of Marco Mojica (Barranquilla, 1976) is the result of a juxtaposition of images and meanings capable of creating a disturbing and ironic tension in the interpretation of its contents. The sources used by the artist to recreate his works include fashion magazines, art magazines, picture books, Internet logs, videos and even photocopies. In that sense appropriation, understood as a plastic strategy, becomes an effective tool that allows the artist to tackle issues as relevant in contemporary art as the concept of originality.

In Cocktail Clothes the artist presents a series of drawings of dresses in ink on paper, whose prints allude to great figures of the History of Art juxtaposed with recognized characters from cult films produced in the last four decades. This is how the universe of a fabric printed with references from film and the sophisticated world of contemporary art creates a dialogue between popular mass culture and the closed and not so popular circuit of art. Clothing, that everyday component of our identity, then becomes the subject of a curious encounter between «high» and «low» culture. And it is precisely at this point that the fiction of a garment makes us think about the coincidences that exist between both worlds.

With this series, Marco Mojica invites the viewer to delve into the dialogues present in each of the dresses that, incidentally, would be nice to see worn by someone in one of those inaugural cocktails that flood the art world. For him, it is not a matter of «interpretation» but rather how an author’s imaged, loaded with visual and theoretical conventions, can be subverted to make it part of a different visual discourse.

Marco Mojica’s artistic career began from a very young age when in 2003 he was awarded the Second Prize at the Two-Dimensional Art Salon of the Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Foundation. In 2005 he received the Fernando Botero Prize from a select international jury. His works have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions and fairs around the world. He was recently invited to inaugurate the new “Artist Hall” of the Museum of Modern Art of Barranquilla.