«Liberaciones simbólicas» / [Symbolic Freedoms]


1st Floor Gallery
July 6 – September 1, 2017

It is by amplifying and multiplying the presence of geometric shapes through the generation of repeated patterns in a wide range of colors that Jorge Cabieses(Lima, 1979) constructs images that point to many cultural sources, from graphic design and signage to the rich cultural history of Peru. In Liberaciones Simbólicas, the artist presents a series of works in which images lose their identity to create friction between different visual components, tones and textures.

Cabieses uses screen-printing to explore possibilities around repetition, not only of shapes but also of color. And the power of printing is precisely what has allowed him to go beyond what he could have achieved with painting alone in terms of scope, experimentation and immediacy. Something that stands out in this artist’s work is the adoption of error as part of the piece. All his works are unique. This also allows him to use the so-called residue (the shapes remaining from the screen-printing process) to construct new images, which means that there is a common line in his work.

Now, although a strong local influence is perceived in his work, the artist resorts to all kinds of images to build his own. There is an intention to create a symphony of colors, to incorporate popular images; design patterns; historical and cultural references that, in turn, allow him to conceive a global aesthetic purpose. This is how the use of pallets reminds viewers of the decoration present in trucks travelling through the Pan-American highway; the gobelins of the nineteenth century bring back, once again, field scenes typical of the History of Art, and the appearance and repetition of geometric shapes remains a constant that intends to cancel images and endow them with a new visual discourse.

Jorge Cabieses studied at Escuela de Artes Corriente Alterna in Lima, Peru. Among others, he was selected for the Cisneros CIFO Foundation Fellowship of emerging artists in 2012. His work has been exhibited at different fairs and exhibitions in galleries and museums worldwide.