«Geodesia» / «Geodesy»


Project Space
September 13 – October 18, 2017

“These are the last things. One by one they disappear and never come back.
I can tell you of the ones I have seen, of the ones that are no more, but I doubt there will be time.
It is all happening too fast now, and I cannot keep up”.

Paul Auster, In the Country of Last Things

Through my work I propose a reflection on the notions of beauty and representation. When I represent nature, I break with the traditional configuration because I trigger associations that go beyond mimetic form, giving way to the disappearance of shapes and leaving only, in some cases, an invisible presence.

From a formal standpoint, I am interested in the exploration and re-signification of the possibilities of drawing and painting through matter and its constant transformation as a temporary witness to the reflections from which it emerges and as evidence of those aesthetic and perceptive constants of the importance given to the process.

Reality-fiction; science-nature; ecology-economics; politics-power come to be as the interdisciplinary relationships I have used to formulate my projects and which have also been key in defining my creative process. Reality and fiction as technique, science and nature as method, and now ecology, economics, politics and power as an active presence and space for discussion have become relevant subjects within which matter and its significance have gained even more relevance by virtue of their association with local and global issues.

Geodesy (geo-land and desy-divide) shares its origin with geometry and was conceived with the purpose of surveying and dividing the earth. In this project it therefore operates as a metaphor by representing the exploration and transformation of the landscape. This is how this project explores the idea of territory as that which is sectioned, divided, distributed and dismantled, actions that entail implicit acts of power that in turn directly or indirectly affect different spheres such as ecology, economics and politics.

Oil, coal, gold, silver, and copper are minerals from the earth that are a result of that division. In their plastic form these minerals are conceived as abstractions of landscapes turned flat due to their constant exploitation and devastation.

Edwin Monsalve