«Doméstico alterado» / «Altered Domestic»


2nd Floor Gallery
September 13 – October 18, 2017

In Doméstico Alterado, Vicky Neumann (Barranquilla, 1963), appropriates classic works of art history such as Goya’s Tapestry Cartoons (1775-1792), Bartolomeo Cavarozzi’s Holy Family (1619) and Caravaggio’s Saint John the Baptist (1609) with the purpose of intervening and re-interpreting them through the use of collage, the stitch as a stroke, photography and paint waste brought together by chance to create different versions of the same image, as if it were a moving scene.

On this occasion the artist leaves painting aside for the first time to approach objects from a three-dimensional standpoint and use the iconic nature of porcelain as a decorative item typical of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This is how Neumann starts from broken pieces, and through less refined means such as cold porcelain, polyurethane foam and various scraps of household objects, she subverts their meaning.

The appropriation of images and objects allows the audience to reflect on one of the fundamental laws of science, the law of conservation of mass (Lomonosov-Lavoisier), which states that «mass can neither be created nor destroyed, although it may be transformed”. It is a reconstructive proposal of an obsolete image of the world, one that changes and is destroyed at an exponential speed.