Sebastían DÁVILA


«Monólogos» / «Monologues»


1st Floor Gallery
September 13 October 18, 2017

The difference between a presentation and a representation is that the presentation is done on its own and representation is done in the name of another. This is why the sculptures of Sebastián Dávila (Bogota, 1981) are not models of a space conceived in another dimension but rather their dimension is presented by each work, and what makes them so remarkable is that they invite the spectator to imagine his or herself inside, experiencing the tensions arising from the materials, the chairs, the stairs and the concrete shapes that give rise to questions that must be answered by each observer according to his/her own imagination.

The role of the chairs is fundamental not only because they represent the person inhabiting the space but also because they give scale to these micro-universes and it is precisely this ability to handle scale, proportion, measures and geometry that leads us to see Dávila’s training as an architect. Everything begins with the educated eye to choose the objects, which expressive force allows them to become the source of the work: it can be a piece of wooden furniture that will then be divided, a box of rusty keys whose scale will be subverted or a table with scratches and scrapes that let you see the different colors of a rugged and long life, which are given new meaning by the artist through carefully calculated interventions to protect the main role of the original materials and create those micro-universes.

During the artist’s formative process, each step leaves traces that are resumed and enhanced in the next. In this sense, the ability to compose images developed by Dávila for several years during his career as an architectural photographer in Barcelona and San Francisco, California created a language with a minimal number of components that is now reflected in the achievement of spaces loaded with an expressive force that makes them places that let spectators roam free, become involved and propose a hypothetical inhabitant within the possible worlds offered by fiction, in which the absurd is always allowed. In the words of Sebastián Dávila: «I think it is difficult not to enter the piece and walk, from one chair to another, from the edge of space to the staircase that goes nowhere and climb that stairway, creating short, irrational narratives. They are spaces where the absurd is allowed, where being is not subject to reason”.

Rafael Vega