“Cuatro pautas para un paisaje sin tiempo “


Space Project
October 24 – November 23, 2017

Cuatro pautas para un paisaje sin tiempo [Four guidelines for a timeless landscape] is the first exhibition of the renowned Chilean artist Cristián Salineros in Colombia. Considered as one of the greatest exponents of contemporary art in his country, the works in this exhibition reflect the artist’s inquiry into spatial relationships and sculptural form.

The exhibition is composed of various elements, of which the main one is a cage-like sculpture located in the center of the room inhabited by four canaries raised in captivity. The canaries represent the presence of life within the sculpture, leaving a colorful trail when they fly with their bright plumage and making themselves at home in this new space. The large size of the cage makes an impression on the viewer and invites him or her to go around it, to feel the presence of the object in space. While the center of the work is the sculpture that breathes life, the periphery is defined by the presence of works that allude to memory, both of the materials used and the process of life and transformation of birds.

There are other sculptures made with bird droppings, an exercise to rethink the material nature and origin of objects. Bronze eggs are also on display, which reveal the anomalies of the shapes produced when cooking them in water. Drawings of the cages on stainless steel are also presented, completing this set of works featuring a series of phenomenological events that are of interest to the artist.

The pieces are a series of living sculptures that explore metaphors around displacement, space and the links created when it becomes inhabited. This is how the artist constructs a non-landscape landscape and a non-place place, a space to live in that can only be measured through the presence of canaries. The nature of the work forces us to pay special attention to the details. To observe those invisible lines that cut the volume contained in the cage, to perceive the social dynamics of the bird as of the moment when they make the living sculpture their home. To listen to the sounds that go beyond their confinement and break with the physical limits of the object to evolve in time and, after all, materialize their memory.

Cristián Salineros (1969) is a graduate of Fine Arts with a concentration in sculpture from Universidad Arcis of Chile and has done engraving studies at the Taller de Artes Visuales T.A.V. in the same country. In 2003 he received the German DADD academic exchange scholarship with which he completed his postgraduate studies at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf, Germany. He has made several individual and collective exhibitions both in Chile and abroad, including: Kunstverein in Gottingen, Germany; Joachim Gallery of Berlin; 713 Contemporary Art of Buenos Aires; Riffe Gallery Ohio, USA; Museum of Contemporary Art of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia and DKM Museum in Germany. In 2006, he was awarded second place by Deutsche Bank Förderpreis für Skulptur, Germany. In 2003 he received the 2003 Altazor sculpture prize and in 2000 he won the first prize in the sculpture competition of Fundación Telefónica. He is currently an academic at the Art School of Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile.



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