October 24 – November 23, 2017

The Abstracción [Abstraction] collective exhibition features works by 15 Brazilian artists living in the city of São Paulo, and includes photographs, paintings, sculptures, objects, videos, drawings and watercolor paintings. This project is born through the participation of the artists themselves, the definition of the concept of the exhibition and the selection of each of the works to be exhibited. Abstracción came to be at the meetings held at Ateliê Fidalga, a proposal focused on the reflection on the different possibilities of understanding abstraction. Each artist has developed a project to encourage dialogue and expand the concept of abstraction, taking into account the tradition and influence of this movement in contemporary art and, above all, in Brazilian art.

All the participants of this exhibition are part of Ateliê Fidalga, a group created 15 years ago by artists Albano Afonso and Sandra Cinto, which has evolved from a workshop with practical classes to a platform which purpose is reflecting about artistic creation. Ateliê Fidalga has become a space for exchanges and debates, a place where artists of different ages and professional backgrounds (philosophy, architecture, communication, literature, visual arts) focus on research in the artistic field. Ateliê Fidalga is not a school, due to which it does not follow an academic methodology and does not have a program to complete. It is a living organism, where every day diverse subjects of artistic and cultural nature are approached for analysis. The individuality of each creator is respected and everyone learns from everyone. Ateliê Fidalga has tried to encourage creation and give artists the tools to contextualize their creativity.

Along with Albano Afonso (Sao Paulo, 1964) and Sandra Cinto (Sao Paulo, 1968), the following artists: Ricardo Barcellos (Porto Alegre, 1969), Felipe Cama (Porto Alegre, 1970), Pedro Cappeletti. (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1969), Carla Chaim (Sao Paulo, 1983), Renata Cruz (Sao Paulo, 1964), Julia Kater (París, 1980), Ding Musa (Sao Paulo, 1979), Carlos Nunes (Sao Paulo, 1969), Mauro Piva (Rio de Janeiro, 1977), Alice Ricci (Sao Paulo, 1985), Laura Gorski (Sao Paulo, 1982), Mariana Palma (Sao Paulo, 1979) and Bettina Vaz Guimarães (Sao Paulo, 1961) also participate in this exhibition.



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