November 29 – January 26, 2017

This exhibition celebrates three decades of activity at Galería El Museo with a visual journey throughout its history and with works by some of the artists that represent the most emblematic moments of our gallery and the development of national art since 1987.

The exhibition exposes the gallery’s relationship with the artists it has represented throughout its three decades of history from different generations and different plastic languages. Together with the works of renowned artists such as Fernando Botero, Alejandro Obregón, Carlos Rojas, Juan Antonio Roda, Debora Arango, Ana Mercedes Hoyos, Bernardo Salcedo, Luis Caballero, Freda Sargent and Álvaro Barrios just to name a few, the gallery will showcase the works of other artists of an intermediate generation that still are or were part of the gallery such as Gabriel Silva, Jaime Franco, Óscar Muñoz, Luis Fernando Roldán, Vicky Neumann, Nadín Ospina, José Horacio Martínez, Adriana Duque, Marco Mojica and Lorenzo Jaramillo. We will also feature emerging artists whose work is being recognized in the national and international art scene such as Edwin Monsalve, Sebastián Camacho, Sebastián Dávila, Juanita Carrasco, Javier Vanegas, Javier and Manuel Calderón. Finally, the works of foreign artists such as Marcos López (Argentina), Starsky Brines (Venezuela), Germán Gómez (Spain), Juan Francisco Casas (Spain), Beth Moysés (Brazil), Mauro Piva (Brazil), Jorge Cabieses (Peru), Gustavo Rezende (Brazil) and Moisés Mahiques (Spain), who are exponents of different practices in contemporary art, will also be displayed.

The exhibition features a journey through the past, the present and the trends that show us a glimpse of the changes of the future of art. We will see the evolution of plastic expressions, exploring modernity with works related to abstraction, figurative art and landscape; contemporaneity observed in the introduction of social, identity and political issues; and the present, with the display of expressions and proposals from emerging artists who reflect on the concept of art, the object and the process of creation itself.

There have been almost a thousand exhibitions held at the gallery in these 30 years. From 1987 to 1998, at its first 2,500-meter space, five exhibitions could be held simultaneously. In the period from 1998 to 2013, although the space was smaller in its second location, it was the perfect time to go beyond our border and open Galería Fernando Pradilla in Madrid in 2001. The gallery’s current location, with a space for projects and three exhibition halls, has been a great contribution to the dissemination and promotion of Colombian and Latin American art.

This exhibition not only partially tells the story of Galería el Museo and its first thirty years, but it also represents a brief history of art in Colombia through artists who were and are still part of the gallery today. It also pays homage to Luis Fernando Pradilla and to a life dedicated to art. While still a student at Colegio San Carlos, in 1974 he held his first exhibition with more than 60 works by world-renowned Fernando Botero.