Lenguajes En Papel



January 27 – February 27, 2018

Is a collective exhibition where paper is the leading character, thanks to its infinite possibilities as a means of expression in the contemporary artistic practice. The exhibition features more than 60 Colombian and international artists, who approach their creative processes by exploring paper, not only as a support or a medium, but as a component of their composition and of their discourse.

New technologies have made available a wide repertoire of technical tools and materials to artists where paper, in its various forms and combinations, offers artists the freedom to experiment and discover new ways of expression. This flat, flexible and complex surface, which is simple at the same time, reveals a language that emerges from the fragility and lightness of its fibers to reveal a multiplicity of worlds through the vision of each author. The freedom and disinhibition with which artists can express themselves on these artistic support provide a degree of originality and versatility to these works that can be clearly appreciated in this exhibition.

Paper in all of its variants: newspaper, vinyl, carbon, photographic paper, film, Japanese and packaging paper and its derivations to cardboard, among many others, are combined with collage, sewing, assemblage, cutting, watercolor, industrial enamel, ink, oil, digital printing, acrylic, serigraphy, graphite, pen or Photoshop techniques to display a wide range of works that in each edition offer new and original aesthetic solutions.

Artists from different generations and geographic origins are invited to participate in this exhibition in order to engage in a dialogue between varied visions and different technical and conceptual approaches to paper as a support. The works show the potential of paper to recreate, with the codes of contemporary times, dissimilar and unique proposals marked by the particularities of each author.

The ninth edition of Lenguajes en Papel features more than 70 artists, including: Emma Anna, Milena Arango, Luisa Aristizábal, Ricardo Barcellos, Álvaro Barrios, Otoniel Borda, Strasky Brines, Jorge Cabieses, Juan Sebastián Cadavid, Marcela Calderón, Manuel Calderón, Sebastián Camacho, Adalberto Camperos, Juan Francisco Casas, Adriana Ciudad, Sebastián Dávila, César Delgado, Clemencia Echeverri, César Faustino, Sebastián Fonnegra, Gonzalo Fuenmayor, Daniela Gallego, Jaime Gamboa, Emilio Gañán, Alejandro García, Fernando García, Gonzalo García, Douglas Gaviria, Andrés Felipe Guerrero, Diego Hernández, Tahuanty Jacanamijoy, Miler Lagos, Aurora Lario, Andrés Layos, Diana Londoño,