Curator Juanita Carrasco

7 July – 7 September, 2018

Mario Arroyave Alirio Cruz Santiago Forero Santiago López Carmona Andres Orjuela Javier Rey Felipe Bedoya Clemencia Echeverri Rosario López Juan Pablo Echeverri María Elvira Escallón Juan David Laserna Beatriz Grau Ana Adarve Guillermo Santos Luciano Denver Ana Maria Rueda Nicolas Wiliamson Felipe Bedoya Victor Robledo Caroline Peña Jonathan Chaparro William Aparicio Federico Pardo David Guarnizo Ricardo Peña Juan Cristobal Cobo Carolina Montejo Marcos López Gonzalo Fuenmayor Adriana Duque

Where is the boundary between reality and fiction? How do we register it, how do we reflect, how do we remember it?
Lo-foto-gráfico is an exhibition curated by Juanita Carrasco who, from her career as a visual artist, lab worker and teacher has brought together the work of 30 Latin American artists of different traditions. The show reflects upon the role of the photographer in the modern day and exemplifies the deep changes that have taken place in the field of photography, in its language as well as its conceptualization, techniques and production processes. Carrasco is interested in the diverse uses of this media as an artistic tool, whether in its documentary aspect or as an expressive resource for the construction of new realities.

The exhibition’s artists agree that photography is the base of their artistic practice, communicating proposals that rethink and give new meaning to landscape, the city, the body, the portrait, nature and the human condition. Creating a project scanning images from files, taking pictures from magazines, using public imagination or digitally deleting photographs to make new images, are just some of the proposals that this exhibition offers us that explore the multiple possibilities of the act of photography. Its diverse paths and themes are translated in visual approaches which invite the spectator to the act of looking and to the reflection induced by images and perceptual narratives.

Lo-foto-gráfico is a title that has no greater aim than the simple fragmentation of the word that plays on the idea of the photo itself and its graphic component. Carrasco invites us to take a tour which uncovers the roaming of the photograph. Via these images we can contemplate the contrasts which arise from the tension between their simplicity and complexity.
The Lo-foto-gráfico exhibition seeks to explore the plasticity of the photograph, its capacity to merge with different visual languages, its continual updating of discourse and its permanent adaptation to the contexts of contemporary artistic practice. This is because, as Walter Benjamin said, the photograph has no other objective than its incessant transformation, its infinite movement through time and space.

The following artists will participate in the event: Jesus Abad Colorado, Ana Adarve, William Aparicio, Mario Arroyave, Felipe Bedoya, Jonathan Chaparro, Juan Cristóbal Cobo, Alirio Cruz, Luciano Denver, Adriana Duque, Clemencia Echeverri, Maria Elvira Escallon, Santiago Forero, Gonzalo Fuenmayor, David Guarnizo, Juan Pablo Echeverri, Beatriz Grau, Juan David Laserna, Marcos Lopez, Rosario Lopez, Santiago Lopez Carmona, Carolina Montejo, Andrés Felope Orjuela, Federico Pardo, Carolina Pena, Xavier Rey, Victor Robledo, Ana María Rueda riel Silva, Guillermo Santos, Andrés Sierra, Javier Vanegas and Nicolas Williamson.



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