Fredy Saúl SERRANO


“Parlamento Natura”

Space Project
September 15 – October 12, 2018

The suggestion to look around this exhibition is the following: read Saúl Serano´s work in a dreamlike way. However, the question lies in discovering the type of vision that the artist presents to us through his dreams. It could be pointed out that for medieval writers there were five ways to classify them: insomnium visions, those which lead us to stay awake at night, which we call “nightmares”, those of visum, which are characterized by making us confuse fiction with reality, as apparitions or hallucinations. Somnium visions present themselves to us as enigmas, making us remember how surreal the world is, when we are awake. Those of oraculum, in which lie all of the images through which the future talks in prophecy code and the visio visions, which thanks to their conscious character could be translated as “daydreams”, “visions” or “premonitions”.



Even though the idea is for one to choose the term that adapts itself the most to one’s interpretative obsessions, in this paragraph I would like to talk about mines: the images of insomnium and oraculum. Largely because this Parliament of nature – unlike the other that comes to mind, Geoffrey Chaucer’s Parliament of Birds – is not about the search for a couple on Valentine’s Day, but rather about the way in which Nature, subjected to mutation and taxonomic uprooting, has chosen to summon mutant forms, such as amorphous ones, that still struggle to access the reality of the future (oraculum). And even though these materialized forms, with their color and sensuality, do not resemble at all Cthulhu, the sacred beast of Howard P. Lovecraft, I must confess that I find in them something sinister, something that arouses deep apprehension in me – Or is it rather some sort of insumnium diurni?