Aurora LARIO





Space Project
Octuber 18 – November 24, 2018



The body is the visible and historical dimension of the person, and at the same time the physical, material and organic realm that embodies the soul and defines the person’s identity. This outer body is comprised of organs and limbs that perceive sensations and comprise communication channels that manage to express the different states of man, his feelings and emotions, from a symbolic standpoint. Thanks to its substantial symbolic meaning, this representation of the body is able to convey the perfect symbiosis existing between fragment and psyche and the psychological and emotional framework that goes beyond non-verbal language. Aurora Lario’s latest project (Madrid, 1967), embodied by hands, feet, breasts and ears, shows the devotional component of the fragmented representation of the human body.



The group of works in which the artist has been working in the last two years, brought together under the title of “Desire”, constitute a reference to the body and its symbolic and religious nature by recreating the artist’s interest in the human body and by turning each part into an essential component of the work.



The artist’s relationship with this notion of body arises from votive offerings, which drew her interest from a very early age and resulted in investigations on their history and allegory. Votive offerings – which are the result of a promise or solemn vow – are an expression of desire to possess something that is missing, such as the lack of health or success. Their relationship with the supernatural and popular expression are decisive for the manner in which the artist develops her work.



Desire is born from feelings that unleash emotion. The longing arising from the deepest core of our bodies and that releases a deep appetite for possessing or accomplishing something. It constitutes the motivations for our lives, that which directs and guides the acts of man. The body has desires, physical responses to longing; the mind has desires to learn and think, and unknown desires are represented in dreams.

For Aurora Lario, these objects are a manifestation of her unconscious, which reflect on the human condition and its very existence. They constitute the transformation of desire, of satisfying something that moves us to the very core. These objects of desire have been created in different materials. Glass and porcelain symbolize the delicacy and fragility of hands as a votive offering to the sacred and the earthly; the fire is implicit in both creative processes, as a reference to alchemy that is so present in Aurora Lario’s work. Bronze represents hardness, strength and endurance. This is how the material and the inert melt into pieces; it is the expression of the supernatural and the secular.

Aurora Lario was born in Madrid in 1967 and majored in Fine Arts at Universidad Complutense. Later, she pursued a Master’s Degree at Instituto de Estética y Teoría de las Artes of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and at the University of Viterbo, Italy.