Alejandro GARCÍA


“Topografía Salvaje”

Space Project


February 2 – March 15, 2019



Alejandro García Restrepo’s work (Medellín, 1983) is a journey through emotional landscapes that emerge as a result of the combination and interaction of different aspects of nature. Anything that has not been incorporated into the domestic human universe or that grows and thrives naturally without human intervention is considered to be wild, which is the same term used to describe the primitive condition of any group of humans not yet touched by civilization. Humankind used to be at the mercy of nature, but over time, we have been able to turn the tide and prevail, and Topografía Salvaje tries to recreate that primitive man’s vision of a wild, untamed landscape. Perhaps the existential restlessness of modern man is caused by a feeling that makes him want to go back to the wild.



The artist’s drawings, video, and cabinets of curiosities include items of an “apparently” fragmented nature that connect with the images, photographs, and the video. This eclectic mix of components showcases the artist’s interest in capturing the very essence of the natural by either breaking it up in multiple parts or dissolving it in disquieting environments. His video, El Misterio del Sueño en las Aves, tells a story from the inside of an egg, where a woman calls to birds by imitating their song with the purpose of merging with them and with the surrounding landscape. The bird sounds and the eerie human voice brings the audience in and envelops it in an unsettling atmosphere.



In the words of the artist, Topografía Salvaje is a journey through desire: tempted by shapes and colors, we discover new structures that come to life at the touch of an obsessed spirit. A landscape that was there before we were, that suddenly appears as a criminal at a crossroads; It has always been there, but it still surprises us when we discover it. A postcard of another world glimpsed through the fractures of the everyday universe as the insides of the body seen through a wound. A detailed picture of the universe, treated as if it were a fabulous animal, with its skin, its bones and its blood. A landscape within another landscape.



García’s technical skill emerges in his delicate drawings, where a map of the landscape fuses with the plumage of birds that suddenly disappear within the mist. It is the poetry of a wild, untamed and undomesticated territory ruled by chaos. In short, an encounter between the human and the natural that can only be a conversation or a fight to the death.

Alejandro García graduated from Universidad de Antioquia with a Bachelor of Education in Fine Arts and currently works as a visual artist and independent illustrator.