Adrian Gaitán


Adrian Gaitán

«Entre aire»

Proyect Space
May 29 to July 5 2014

Press Release

Next Thursday May 29, Galería El Museo will open three exhibitions simultaneously: Al tablero (Going up to the Board) by Carlos Salazar Arenas (Bogotá, 1973), will be shown in the First Floor Gallery; in the Second Floor Gallery, we will be exhibiting Mecanicamente (Mechanically), by young artist Manuel Calderón (Bogotá, 1985); and Entre Aires (In the Air), Adrian Gaitán’s most recent work (Cali, 1983), will be shown in the Project Room.

Entre aire (In the air) [Adrián Gaitán]

Adrián Gaitán presents his most recent proposal, titled Entre Aire (In the air) in the ESPACIO 1–Projects Gallery, in which he approaches the classical landscape by confronting the abstraction of the image through the use of a paradoxical materialization. The planks used for construction of buildings represent natural abstract landscapes that generate a shocking encounter between nature and the city. The artist invites the public to read his work in different ways: from the use of wood in the frames, to seeing it as the natural resource where paper and cardboard comes from. It is a game of materials, meanings, and uses. This young artist recently participated in the First Art Biennale of Cartagena with his work Dormilones (Sleepers), from the series Presentimiento Oceánico (Oceanic Feeling), which is exhibited in the room reserved for pieces of particular importance among the work of the artist.


Adrian Gaitán

The works take on the idea of the classical landscape through abstract images and contradictory materials. The boards used for the construction of buildings paradoxically represent these abstract natural landscapes, causing a contradiction between the nature and the city while enabling different readings between the use of wood to make frames versus the use of wood to make paper, which in this case (the cardboard) has been used for framing purposes. It is a game of materials, meanings and uses.