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Bogotá, Colombia



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March 12 – April 11 2015



Space Project March 12 – April 11 2015

In 2005 I left the Faculty of Architecture in Barcelona and started working as a photographer. Architecture fascinated me, but I understood that I could develop my interest in space through a medium without restrictions almost immediately, where I did not depend on anyone else.

Recently, immersed in the transition from photography to sculpture, I remembered my time as a student of architecture. I really enjoyed the time to decide where to draw the character representing the human scale in the finished blueprints. The moment to inhabit the space. A moment that has been present and has been instrumental in all my work.

I am interested in the relationship between space and scale of the human figure as an allegory of our experience in a reality full of questions that have no answers. In my street photography, I have explored this relationship looking for the moment to inhabit meticulously studied spaces with the presence of a passerby. When I decided to create my own spaces for Monólogos [Monologues], I could relax the constraints of reality, avoid geographical connotations, and do what I could never do as a student of architecture: things do not have to have a justification. The absurd became an essential element to explore the existential ambiguity in the space-individual relationship. The transition was gradual, first with paper and cardboard models built to be photographed, and then by working with paper as a sculptural medium to finally arrive to the sculptures made from found objects, concrete, iron and wood.

By working with found objects and materials I had the pleasure of discovering a very similar process to that used in my street photography. Seeking spaces and studying ways of inhabiting them based on existing geometries. Giving importance to random elements within the composition such as stains, cracks or imperfections of a surface. Seeking architectural abstraction.

In Monólogos, there is no individual with which to contrast space: this is the first work in which I have not included a character. The chairs, doors and stairs suggest this character and give us references with which to measure the space.

I hope it is easy for the viewer to become the absent character, to sit in the chair, to inhabit the space, to recite his or her own monologue. They are places to think out loud. Places with a lot of silence. Stage designs waiting for something to happen. A geometric game based on defining the limits of the vacuum. Constructions that generate a visual contradiction, that force us to determine the same distance as great and small at the same time.

I think it is hard not to get into the room and walk from one chair to the other, from the edge of space to the stairs that go nowhere, to climb that stairs even though they go nowhere, to generate minor irrational narratives. They are spaces where the absurd is allowed, where the act of being is not subject to rational activity.

Sebastián Dávila