Catalina ORTIZ


«I-Ching Diaries»


Space Project
Octuber 22 to November 29 2014

Text Room

I Ching is the essence of the Chinese Taoist philosophy created some 6000 years ago. Just as the Pentateuch was originally attributed to Moses, the I Ching is attributed to different Chinese leaders, who collected, refined and improved the text that originated from oral wisdom.


This book is considered to be one of the most mysterious oracles that exists. There are people who believe that you need to have a special ability to interpret it… I simply dared to approach the book from a fairly spontaneous perspective, opening its pages at random and reading the content without any aspirations or preconceptions.


These drawings are essentially comprehension exercises of reading and illustration of content. The text itself seemed to me to be so poetic and accurate -as if I were clearly speaking to myself in the first person- that I started writing in my journal those words that touched my heart and described and explained the most transcendental things of my life to me. Without realizing, I started to draw about what I was reading and I understood that I was drawing the secrets of my unconscious. I drew what my own heart was processing, and this artistic experience became a meditation practice and a habit.

Throughout the process, I discovered that I Ching is not a cryptic and mysterious oracle. In reality, it talks to all of us in the same way. It is like a living body that talks to the readers and confronts them. I also understood that you do not need to be an expert in philosophy, mysticism or theology… The secret is to surrender to I Ching and I Ching speaks. As normal, my essential interest is to develop an intimate aesthetic proposal, concentrating on exploring the psychological structure of individuals. I Ching is an infinite logbook that outlines the meanders of my own inner search. Thanks to this book, I have been able to prove how dynamic beings are.

Press Release

I Ching, commonly known as a fortune-telling system, is the essence of the Chinese Taoist philosophy, which focuses on the dynamic balance of opposites, the flow of processes and acceptance of the constant change that permeates all beings and their actions. On this occasion, in Space Projects, Catalina Ortiz presents her new project, Los Diarios del I Ching (The I Ching Journals): An introspection that leads us into the secrets of the artist’s unconscious, where you are immersed without any preconceptions in the exploration of the individual’s psychology and ethics. Ortiz compiles her reflections and notes in 24 drawings that develop an intimate aesthetic proposal where the result is part of a meditative habit and action.

This series, like previous projects such as Abecedario Emocional (Emotional Alphabet) or Notas a Pie de Página (Footnotes) is characterized by its subtle symbolism, revealing the use of objects and the constant search of the essence of being through intimacy, exposing the emotional territory of human beings that the artist recognizes as the origin of all her work.

Catalina Ortiz studied Fine Arts at Universidad de los Andes taking classes in Psychology. Her work has been shown in different fairs and galleries around the world, and she has received several national and international awards, out of which the ABC Museum of Drawing Award received at the 2011 international art fair JustMadrid stands out.

The exhibitions will be open to the public from Saturday November 15 in the new building of Galería El Museo: Calle 81 No. 11 – 41. Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm and Saturdays from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm, all day. Free admission.